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Travel in Malawi & Zambia has just become so much more exciting and with 34 years of experience behind it, Land Surfers is making waves in the landlocked Central African region. 

Specially designed Scheduled Tours for 18-35 year olds run the length of Malawi and into Zambia as well as a choice of pre-made adventure getaways, both guided and self-drive! 

Want more choice and a tailor-made itinerary?

Visit our founding Land & Lake Safaris for a range of car hire, Scheduled Tours and specialised itineraries!


Scheduled Tours for 18 - 35 year Olds

The hub of Malawi, where hiking, wildlife and beach breaks are only a few hours apart. 

South Malawi

Travel from South to North and explore all the best spots and delve into the Malawian Culture.


South to North Malawi and then we head across to Zambia, South Luangwa and the mighty Vic Falls!

Malawi & Zambia

The Warm Heart of Africa

Find our more about Malawi - Our Warm Heart of Africa and what to expect when you travel to this diverse and compact country

The Real Africa

Find out more about Zambia - The Real Africa and what to expect when you travel to this wild and untamed Country


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