The Welly-Boot Tribe

All those happy travellers heading out on the best deals available across Central Africa - You guys are a special group of individuals, come dance in the rain with us, bring along as brightly coloured welly boots as you can find and join us for a trip of a lifetime! 

It's where we get a little wet, a little muddy but where we laugh often, watch lightening dance across the sky and you know what? where we still come away from our trip with a great tan!

The sun's warm, wildlife prolific, grass is green and my personal favourite time of year.

Get on board with us from December  April to be a part of our exclusive 'Welly Boot Tribe'  

The Wooly Hat Tribe

Those that love to sit around a camp fire in the morning or evenings, wrap up warm and still enjoy sun bathing and a swim on the beach in the middle of the day. - Malawi's special like that! 

You love hot chocolates, the right amount of sunlight, but enjoy some days that are over cast and like me, enjoy winter outfits and wooly hats with a swimming costume underneath and ready for those few hours of true African heat. 

It's the ideal travel combination so join us from June - August and be a part of our African Winter Wooly Hat Tribe!

The Summer Soakers

Sun Chasers, wave catchers and love that bit of glistening sweat!

It's a super popular time of year to travel across Africa, not just Centrally or in Malawi - So lodges and hotels creep up their prices a bit more - No fear! 

It's popular for a reason, it's hot, sun's bright and perfect for those who love the vibes that develop during these months.

Beaches are busy and music is playing, Wildlife is congregated around water sources, making sightings regular and wonderful!

It's a busy and an exciting time to travel!

So join the Summer Soakers on tour as we chase the sun!


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