The Warm Heart of Africa

With over 18,6 Million people living in 118,480km2 (About half the size of the UK) With 25% of that landmass being made up of water, Malawi is a busy and populated country. 

Its tag line of the Warm Heart is mainly because of that, the people. "The Friendliest Country in the World"

Malawi's traditions and culture is a peaceful one and is a highlight of travelling across this little country.

Takulandirani MALAWI

Visit Malawi

Malawi can be accessed by flight into Lilongwe (The Capital City) or Blantyre (The Commercial Capital) via Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lusaka and Addis Ababa. 

Travel across the country is varied, it's a fantastic country to self-drive as roads are openly accessible and the journey is never dull. Small chartered flights run daily North to South and for those who like to sink themselves in the Malawian culture, public transport is readily available on bicycle, motorbike, bus, taxi and a short train route.  

Malawian Kwacha is the predominant currency with US dollars being accepted at larger lodges and hotels. Credit Card facilities are not often reliable with network and ATM connectivity though there is that choice.

Malawi's weather can be broken up into three main segments.

The Rainy Season starts from mid December and ends around May

From here the weather cools into Malawi's Winter which heats up into Summer from September.

Rainy Season travelling, despite being termed more wet than dry actually sees many hot and sunny days between typical dramatic African Storms and cool cloudy breaks. Many species of wildlife drop their young at this time which makes Safaris a special treat. 

Malawi turns a carpet of green, Orchids atop Nyika bloom and birdlife is prolific. 

It's a time of year many people shy away from which makes Malawi's top tourist destinations turn into your own private paradise. 

The Winter months are ideal for those who want to escape the extreme heat. It's cool in the mornings and evenings but during the middle of the day is still warm enough to enjoy beach breaks and lay afternoons by the pool. Malawi is still very green here but roads open up with the ending of the rains and many lodges and camps that are inaccessible during the rains are freshly opened back up for the season. Many cycling, hiking and active excursions happen during these months which we highly recommend to dive head first into!

Summer is our most popular time for visitors. The days are dry and warm and as we head further into October it becomes very hot. This is ideal for those on safari that enjoy seeing a larger concentration of wildlife. Many animals congregate around water sources which makes sightings exceptional. 

Bush and beach breaks are definately the most popular combination at this time of year.


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