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Zambia is 752,618km with a total population of 17.9 Million people - most living in the capital city of Lusaka. This stunning country still maintains most of its natural habitat with around 20 National Parks and 34 management ones means about 30% of Zambia is protected. 



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Zambia can be accessed by flight into Lusaka or from Lilongwe, Malawi there are chartered flights across to Mfuwe (South Luangwa) and its easy to drive across as well. 

Zambia is a fantastic country to explore and if you're a nature and wildlife lover, it's just the place for you. Self Driving is a wonderful expedition choice if you're looking to camp and explore on your own time-frame - though you will need to be proficient in 4 wheel drive to make it to some of the more wild destinations. 

A guided tour across Zambia, whether it be private or a mobile camping exploration is one of our favourite adventures. 

Zambian kwacha is the predominant currency in the more rural areas - Though USD is accepted at all lodges and hotels and can be easily converted. Just take note that your USD cash will need to be younger than 2016 notes. 

Like Malawi, Zambia has three major times of the year. 

The rainy Season that runs from Mid- December through to March, Winter then eases in through to August where Summer then takes over. 

The rainy season is fantastic for those traveling to Victoria falls, later into the rainy season the falls are at full flow and the overwhelming drama of the waterfall is a highlight to any tour. 

Though many remote lodges and locations close in the rainy season, the ones that are open supply a special niche market of Wildlife enthusiasts. Wild dogs in South Luangwa are regularly seen and many animals drop their young at this time making safaris a fantastic and diverse experience - Plus it's always fun if there's a bit of mud! 


Winter is all about wrapping up warm on the back of a safari car, many predators move during the day as it's much cooler but don't let a bit of cold put you off - The middle of the day here is still warm, hot and sunny where a lounge by the pool is perfect. It's a great time of year if you're not too great with extreme heat as it's still comfortable and cool to do walking safaris and sit under the sun watching the wildlife around you.

Summer is one of the most popular times for travellers to Zambia as the wildlife congregates around water sources, though Victoria Valls starts to slow on the Zambian side, the Zimbabwe side is still roaring. Many people however travel at this time for the wildlife opportunities. But as it reaches into October and November, the heat can get a little overwhelming!


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